Airbrush & High Definition makeup vrs Standard makeup


Being a Professional Makeup Artist in Manila, clients often ask me about Airbrush and HD make up against Standard makeup so I thought I’d write a short article.

Everyone gets there 15 minutes of fame, so Airbrush or High-Definition make up deserves to be a part of your staring role,on what should be one of the most memorable days of your life. This is a day you will look back on for years to come , a day you will share with family and friends for the rest of your your life! So quite simply you deserve to be the star of the show ! Have you ever wondered why all the stars look so great on the red carpet ? The secret is in the make up ! Now days nearly every photographer and videographer is using high definition lenses, these HD images expose any enlarged pores , wrinkles , or blemishes you may have. Thick, unnatural standard makeup gives you a streaky cakey effect that shows up through a HD lens. It can then appear smeared and unattractive in the finished result, clearly showing up unwanted in your photo album and video. To avoid that smeared cakey effect of standard makeup, Airbrushing or HD make up is the answer ! It will give you a clearer smoother more porsalin effect on your skin. HD foundation will help camouflage blemishes , cover up skin flaws and even erase acne scars and still give you a natural, light weight flawless look . The pigments in HD make up are designed to blend seamlessly with your skin, Airbrush HD foundation sprays a light film over your skin with an air gun, HD foundation is applied by hand both giving excellent results compared to standard makeup, providing it is applied by a professional make up artist of course, who understands the process of application. We all work hard every day and don’t always have time to keep up with the latest beauty treatments and daily skin routines needed or even have the knowledge to make ourselves look like the latest catwalk queen ! With my help, regardless that you may not be the perfectly symmetrical faced model with perfect skin from the latest magazine,I can use my professional experience and tricks of the trade to help you feel radiant , confident and look like you belong in the next Hollywood blockbuster. I will always take a picture of you before and after your make up trial using a hd lens, so you can see for yourself how you will appear on camera , video and to every one of your special guests (without editing) you can see and feel for your self the difference between Airbrushing & HD make up against standard make up. Don’t be caught out on your 15 minutes of fame on one the most important days of your life,you deserve to look your best and I pride myself on making sure you look a million dollars !!!!

Makeup by Marjorie featured makeup artist at ‘ The essential Filipino Wedding Guide’

Makeup Artistry by Marjorie is opening its doors to all soon-to-wed couples for a free trial makeup session! Get to know the woman behind the brand and the quality, affordable services she can offer.

Ms. Marjorie Mcmurchie; Owner of Make up By Marjorie

Ms. Marjorie Mcmurchie | Owner ofMake up By Marjorie

Makeup Artistry

Marjorie Mcmurchie is the trusted face behind the brand Makeup Artistry by Marjorie. She is a professional hair and makeup artist trained at the HD Academy by US trained professionals in Vidal Sassoon. She offers a variety of services to the wedding, media and events industry through her talent and creativity. Be it weddings, debuts, commercial, corporate, pageant, prenup and other events, Marjorie is there to lend a beautifying helping hand to couples, celebrants, models and contestants. She uses a wide range of professional equipment and products from the top makeup brands in the industry.

Hair and Makeup by Make up By Marjorie

Hair and Makeup by Make up By Marjorie

Official Makeup Artist in Events

Great talent never goes unnoticed. Makeup Artistry by Marjorie has been continuously invited to be the hair and makeup artist for a variety of events such as the Candy Magazine Fashion Show, FHM Halloween Party in 2012 and the Miss Bikini Philippines 2013 where she was the Official Head Makeup Artist. She is also the official makeup artist for the weekly show UNTV Doctors on TV as well as some MTV Music Videos. In between these engagements, Marjorie is also invited to corporate events like masquerade balls, anniversary parties and product launches.

Candy Magazine Fashion Show with Make up By Marjorie, Official Make up Artist

Candy Magazine Fashion Show with Make up By Marjorie, Official Make up Artist

Bridal Hair and Makeup

Makeup Artistry by Marjorie has been making a name for herself in the philippine wedding industry as well. She has proven herself in several events and is now catching the eye of soon-to-wed couples in need of her skills. She works closely with couples, especially the bride, and gives ideas on the latest fashion trends. She collaborates with them and gives her professional guidance to make sure that her couples get only the best to look amazing on their wedding day.

Real Brides Hair and Makeup by Make up By Marjorie

Real Brides | Hair and Makeup by Make up By Marjorie

If you’re on a wedding budget or want something unique and special for your day, you can easily ask Marjorie for a personalized quote that will suit your needs. And to get a taste of her exemplary skills in bridal makeup, you can avail of her free trial makeup session available only until July 1, 2013.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Makeup Artistry by Marjorie in today!


I’m proud to be the ‘Official Head Makeup Artist for this year’s Miss Bikini Philippines 2013’

This April 25, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Slimmers World will be holding the biggest Bikini pageant in the country, Miss Bikini Philippines 2013. This has been partnered with renowned pageant organizers in the World: Miss Tourism International which holds annual Miss Bikini International pageants in China, and Miss Tourism World Organization, the creator of Miss Bikini World pageants in Europe.

Miss Bikini Philippines pageant aims to promote the healthy, fit and beautiful lifestyle among Filipinos, especially to the young generation. 35 candidates will be carefully screened and selected from different provinces nationwide and they will be housed from April 8 – 25, 2013, total of 18 days. The official candidates will undergo personality development trainings and modelling workshops, they will also go through proper nutrition counselling and fitness/skin assessments. We believe that these activities will instil discipline and will provide knowledge on the importance of living a healthy, fit and beautiful Lifestyle, not only to the candidates but the young generation, as advocated by Slimmers World International.

View more details at

Banish Under-Eye Circles in 3 Quick Steps

Just as there are tricks for concealing pimples without making it look too obvious, there are ways to hide under-eye circles sans the cakey, flaky effects. The biggest mistake many women make is trying to hide too much,women put on so much concealer, It settles into those fine lines and wrinkles, and lines end up looking worse than if they just left well enough alone.But how do you use that concealer to your advantage?

  1. Prime time: Start off with an illuminizing face primer to reflect light all over.
  2. Lay your foundation: Next, lightly buff foundation onto your skin, making sure that you carry it all the way up to underneath your eyelids. It can even be a tinted moisturizer, just so you have a little bit of coverage to start. That way you’re going to need less concealer.
  3. Add Concealer

Now it’s time to conceal with a radiance-boosting product. Look for words on the container that say lightening, brightening, lifting, or illuminating, These are the things that are actually going to bounce light from the eyes, creating more of a halo effect, eliminating the darkness with light instead of covering up with thick, opaque concealer.


Halloween Makeup Tips

Halloween is one of those amazing days where fashionistas everywhere are free to dress as crazy as they want. It’s also a day when we can have a lot of fun with our makeup, without risking looking like a drag queen.

Any retro makeup is pretty easy to achieve with everyday make up products. Go with winged liner, false eyelashes, arched brows and red lips, adding a beauty mark with a brow pencil for a perfect sexy Marilyn Monroe. Throw on a long white halter neck dress and some pearls and you’ll be looking like this all time sex diva!!!