Airbrush & High Definition makeup vrs Standard makeup


Being a Professional Makeup Artist in Manila, clients often ask me about Airbrush and HD make up against Standard makeup so I thought I’d write a short article.

Everyone gets there 15 minutes of fame, so Airbrush or High-Definition make up deserves to be a part of your staring role,on what should be one of the most memorable days of your life. This is a day you will look back on for years to come , a day you will share with family and friends for the rest of your your life! So quite simply you deserve to be the star of the show ! Have you ever wondered why all the stars look so great on the red carpet ? The secret is in the make up ! Now days nearly every photographer and videographer is using high definition lenses, these HD images expose any enlarged pores , wrinkles , or blemishes you may have. Thick, unnatural standard makeup gives you a streaky cakey effect that shows up through a HD lens. It can then appear smeared and unattractive in the finished result, clearly showing up unwanted in your photo album and video. To avoid that smeared cakey effect of standard makeup, Airbrushing or HD make up is the answer ! It will give you a clearer smoother more porsalin effect on your skin. HD foundation will help camouflage blemishes , cover up skin flaws and even erase acne scars and still give you a natural, light weight flawless look . The pigments in HD make up are designed to blend seamlessly with your skin, Airbrush HD foundation sprays a light film over your skin with an air gun, HD foundation is applied by hand both giving excellent results compared to standard makeup, providing it is applied by a professional make up artist of course, who understands the process of application. We all work hard every day and don’t always have time to keep up with the latest beauty treatments and daily skin routines needed or even have the knowledge to make ourselves look like the latest catwalk queen ! With my help, regardless that you may not be the perfectly symmetrical faced model with perfect skin from the latest magazine,I can use my professional experience and tricks of the trade to help you feel radiant , confident and look like you belong in the next Hollywood blockbuster. I will always take a picture of you before and after your make up trial using a hd lens, so you can see for yourself how you will appear on camera , video and to every one of your special guests (without editing) you can see and feel for your self the difference between Airbrushing & HD make up against standard make up. Don’t be caught out on your 15 minutes of fame on one the most important days of your life,you deserve to look your best and I pride myself on making sure you look a million dollars !!!!